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Thamizh Songs in Carnatic Music—22b PadaRi varuguthu---பதறி வருகுது

Thamizh Songs in Carnatic Music—22b
PadaRi varuguthu---பதறி வருகுது

Composer: Subbarama Iyer (சுப்பராம அய்யர்)

ராகம்: காம்போஜி.(KAmbhOji)   ரூபக தாளம் (rUpakam)

This song is a padam wherein a gamut of human emotions is displayed. The navarasas (nine types of emotions) come into play. The composer can choose from any of the classification of nAyikAs (heroines) and nAyakas (heroes) in their different moods to express his/her feelings and thoughts and relationships, with God (devotional aspect), to portray the empirical world.  On the face of it the padam appears to dwell on mundane matters and carnal instincts but the underlying idea in padams is to be taken as jIvAtma’s yearning for union with paramAtma. Some examples of padams are: adhuvum solluval, VElavarE umait tEDi, ettanai sonnAlum, Unnait  tUdu anuppinEn. 

In the current song our heroine is in a mental turmoil of missing the company of her lord Murugan in Pazhani. She sends her close friend as a messenger to her lord. She requests her friend to bring her lord to her as she is in love pangs. She thinks her lord will embrace her and enchant her. She commands her friend to cajole her lord so that he would come forthwith. There is plenty of alliteration and rhythmic weaving of words. The composer also introduces the name of the rAgam in the verse in an unobtrusive manner.

 Let us see what her actual request is.
பதறி வருகுதுருகு தென்னாவி                                                                     பதைக்குது வகை சொல்லடி சற்றே
நில்லடி மனம் கல்லோடி யடி                                                           தளுக்கு குலுக்கு மினுக்கென்ன போடி

எதிரில்லாத பழனியில் வேலவர்
இடத்தில் உறுத்தி கருத்தை வைத்த பின்
எதோ மதங்கணை மார்பினில் சோருதே
எந்தன் துரை கந்தசாமியை கூட்டி வா

வாடி எந்தன் வடிவேலரை கூட்டி வா                                           கூடி மருவிக் குலாவி விளையாட
பாடுவார் காம்போதி மாயப்பொடி                                                           போடுவார் என் மீது போடி அவரைப்போல்
ஈடு ஜோடுண்டோடி பிடித்தார் எந்தன் கை                                     கொடுத்தார் மாணிக்கம்                                                             நாடியவர் கேட்ட செஞ்சொற் பதம் பாடி                                         மோடி செய்யாமலே தேடி அழைத்து வ

Lyrics in Roman script follow.

P: padaRi varugudurugu dennAvi                                                                                        
 padaikkudu vaghai sollaDi saTrE 
nillaDi manam kallODi yaDi                                                                                                      
 taLukku kulukku minukkenna pODi 

A: edirillAda pazhaniyil vElavar                                                                                                  
 iDattil uRutti karuttai vaitta pin edO 
mathankaNai mArbinil sOrudE                                                                                                        
endan durai kandasAmiyai kUTTi vA

C: vADi endan vaDivElarai kUTTi vA                                                                                            
kUDi maruvik-kulAvi viLaiyADa 
pADuvAr kAmbhOji mAyappoDi                                                                                                
 pODuvAr en mIdu pODi avaraippOl 
IDu jODuNDODi piDittAr endan kai                                                                                               
koDuttAr mANikkam nADiyavar 
kETTa sencoR padam pADi                                                                                                         
 mODi seyyAmalE tEDi azhaittu vA

Meaning:                                                                                                                                          Pallavi: My body trembles and my life is unstable. Please suggest a way out of this complexity. Are you hard-hearted? Do not play around, oh friend, making fun of me.
Anupallavi:  I placed my love and trust on the lord at Pazhani, who has no rival. From then on I feel the arrows of Cupid on my chest. Please bring my lord, Kandan, to me.
CaraNam: Please bring my vaDivElan to me so that we two can embrace and have fun. He will sing the melody KAmbOji for me and enchant me with his charm. There is nobody like him to be a match for me. He held my hand and gave me a precious stone. Go to him and sing his praise. Then do whatever it takes to bring him here without any excuse. 
Audio clips for the song rendition
Listen to S. Sowmya here    (scroll down to item #5 in the list)
Listen to Jon Higgins here  (scroll down to where Jon Higgins’ name appears)
  Watch a bharathanATyam performance on this padam                       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xa9BeK1x24

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